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• Duration: 2 hours
• Meet the most talented artists in Africa
• The Newtown graffiti tour Johannesburg runs daily
• Walking tour


Newtown Graffiti Tour Johannesburg

This is the only arts and culture hub in Joburg, situated in an old district called Newtown, this place here is the horsepower, windscreen, and steering wheel that drives the city of Joburg to new authentic heights of innovation. Join us in this newtown graffiti tour and understand that; from now to the next generation, when you say the word Newtown, it will be in the same sentence explaining to your grandkids that Newtown is a monument that will never perish. 

Newtown is made up of history and art, if you want to join the gold miners of 1886, go ahead and dig up some history in one of the precincts museums, if electricity is something that gets your adrenaline moving careful not to get your lights shut down low, by the famous female protesters that had the city dark and less productive for at least 5 -6 days, this is a very busy, subtle and friendly neighborhood all mixed up in one word. 

The most talented artists in Africa are without a doubt to be found in Newtown, this is the candy store of artists which ever one you pick is as good as the next one, and unique as the last one, so many multiple genres from dance to music, to theatre and graffiti just to add some color to the scenery, and the food breaks in Newtown are more than refreshing with a touch of ancient feels floating around the atmosphere.



Bookings available for the following days:
Monday    10.00 - 17.30
Tuesday    09.00 - 17.30
Wednesday    09.00 - 17.30
Thursday    Closed
Friday    09.00 - 17.30
Saturday    09.00 - 17.30
Sunday    10.00 - 17.30


2 hours Newtown Graffiti tour Johannesburg. No cancellation fee is applicable to tours cancelled more than 60 Days before Date of Departure. Should a Client cancel a booking 60 days or less prior to the date of departure of the tour for any reason (except due to death or hospitalisation), the client shall be liable to pay a cancellation penalty. >60 Days: No fee applies. 30 – 60 Days: 50% of the tour price is held as cancellation. 10 – 29 Days: 75% of the tour price is held as cancellation. 0 – 9 Days: 90% of the tour price is held as cancellation. All cancellations need to be made in writing and confirmed by the Reservations Team by email. The above mentioned cancellation fees are applicable to any pre-booked or pre-paid Activity Packages which will also be charged if a tour is cancelled. The Company reserves the right, at any time and for any reason, to cancel the tour on notice to the client. In such event, the Company shall refund the tour price to the client. It is recorded that refund of the tour price as aforesaid shall be the Company’s sole responsibility to the client, and no claim for any damages, howsoever arising, shall accrue against the Company by reason of a cancellation of the tour. Organized by: Joz

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