Day Trip Watamu Marine Park & Sudi island



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• Duration: full day
• Trip type: Beach safari
• Activities: snorkeling, canoeing, dolphins siting, swimming and mangrove tour, photo session
• Free pick-up and drop-off service


Day Trip Watamu Marine park & Sudi island 

Enjoy our Day trip excursion to one of the finest Kenyan Beach Safari, located north of Mombasa, the small coastal village of Watamu is renowned for the Watamu Marine National Park. The park boasts three sparkling bays, white-sandy beaches and an underwater coral wonderland offering one of the best snorkeling and diving experiences on the East African coast. This charming paradise is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty; fringed by lush tropical rainforests and mangroves.

Our driver guide will picked you from your hotel or desired pick up point early in the morning,then drive Nortn towards Watamu via the Mombasa Malindi rd.Its 100km roughly one and a half hours to reach watamu.
On your way you will be able see different land scape and plantations along the road. At around 9:30 am we arrive at the Marine park Watamu. Your driver will hand you over to the captain/guide who will make sure your marine park fees is paid, and then you will board a motorized 2 décor glass boat so you can lay on the top deck and bask in the sun or just relax on the lower deck and enjoy the underwater life as you cruise towards the Marine park.
Your excursion will begin with dolphins sighting where your captain/guide will take you to the hotspots where according to his experience you will be able to see and swim with the dolphins, remember this is for the adventurerous souls. Once the dolphins stop moving around you can put on your snorkeling equipment (to be provided on board) and jump into the ocean so you can get close up with the gentle creatures. After the mad fun, once again board the glass boat and continue towards the marine park. The Pristine white-sand beaches and reefprotected lagoons line the Watamu National Marine Park and Reserves, which are the oldest in East Africa and cover over 229 kmsq. It is one of the best kept secrets in the world with only the Great Barrier Reef itself having a bigger species list and that only in a far greater expanse!
The marine protected area in Watamu is also recognized  internationally as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This means that the area is designated as a site of natural excellence, and should demonstrate how local people and the environment can coexist through careful stewardship of our natural marine resources and human assets. The Marine Park and Reserve is renowned world wide for its natural beauty and boasts a rich marine life. It is virtually impossible to snorkel without seeing at least a few dozen species inside the main reef; divers outside the fringe reef stand an excellent chance of viewing the magnificent whale shark and Manta Rays that are seasonal visitors. November is best for spotting these animals. The Park is also home to three species of sea turtle who also nest on the Marine Park beaches. 
The Park and its coral gardens are one of the main justifications for visiting Watamu. Some of the more commonly seen fish include of course the parrotfish, whose digestion of the coral reefs over the millennia, have produced the white sand beach itself. Angelfish, groupers, filefish, lionfish and snappers are just a handful of the easily seen species within this superb, brightly colored underwater world. One of the best routes your captain is goin to follow in this for exploration is a gentle cruise to the Larder in Turtle Bay. Head out in between the two rocky islands directly south of the KWS Blue Bay HQ. As the glass boat floats gently over the eroded coral ledges, there are numerous damselfish, young butterfly and angelfish, morays, groupers and octopus. Through the seagrass pass you'll find blue spotted rays, mullet and snappers. Once you get to the edge of the grass area, around 100metres out, turn right and follow the grass edge along its contour line. After about 100m you'll find the Larder to your left; a series of 6 or so large coral heads which are the home of hundreds of sweetlips, snappers and drummer fish. You'll also find lionfish and crocodilefish if you look closely. Another bonus here are the large barracuda which hang around near the seabed in large groups. They are nocturnal feeders and sleep during the day so are easy to approach. There is an exceptional shoreline with Watamu voted one of the top ten beaches in the world; steeped in natural fauna and flora and with three stunning bays, Watamu, Blue Lagoon and Turtle Bay. Here you will also be allowed to get into the ocean for snorkeling and shallow diving into the ocean floor to see the magnificent coral caves hiden under the blue water.Get a chance to swim and touch hundreds of schools of fish and turtles

After snorkeling next stop will be amazing, white sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters where you will be allowed to step off the boat for a swim on this magical waters for a while before returning to the boat and sail off to sudi island while enjoying the lush green mangroves along the creek side. At around -1:00pm we will arrive at Sudi island where you will receive a warm welcome to the island followed by a little entertainment from the natives. The captain and his crue will then quickly start preparing for where they will grill and serve fresh and delicious sea food with varieties like ; lobsters,king fish,baracuda,and crabs etc(chicken is available for these who don’t eat seafood).. 
After lunch you can choose to take a canoe ride into mangrove forest on the island with a guide and learn a little history about the island and the creatures found there. For these who choose to remain on the island can take the opportunity to swim on the islands shores or just busk in the sun and take photos.Take some time and capture your last moments on the sandy beaches.

Enjoy your last moments at the island and its environment. At 4:30 its time to board the boat and head back to mainland where your driver will be waiting to drive you back to your hotel or desired drop off point in time for dinner. End of our program!! 

Price is inclusive of:

Comfy private transportation from to & from your day trip:

- Marine park fee
- Lunch/sea food or chicken
- A bottle of soft drink during lunch time
- Boat ride to the island and back
- Snorkeling equipment during the excursion

Price is exclusive of :Breakfast in the morning of the trip:

- Alchohol and soft drinks
- Snacks
- Tips and gratuities
- Items of personal nature
 - Personal travel insuarance

What to curry during the trip:

- Swimming costume/beach wear
- Sun screen
- Beach sandals or slippers
- Towel
- Snacks and refreshments
- Items of personal nature

North coast hotels pick up time: 6:30 am
South coast hotels pick up time: 7:30am 


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  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off
  • Lunch
  • Boat Tour
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Bottled Water
  • Park Entry Fees

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  •     Alcoholic Beverages    
  •     Breakfast    
  •     Snacks    
  •     Soft Drinks    
  •     Personal Expenditures    
  •     Gratuities (optional)    
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